Karen Jocelyn Mayor KNITTING


Karen Jocelyn Mayor is a knitwear designer based in East London, offering a knit design and development service: advising on how to realise designs and ideas in knit.

Recently, Karen has worked alongside:

The essence of KJM Knitting is to create inspirational design. Karen likes to inspire people with creativity, fun, adventure, curiosity, and lifting design out of the ordinary, always aiming to provide new and innovative solutions where possible.

Quality Standards

Makers and manufacturers alike are experienced and have been vetted to ensure high quality standards. 

Ethical Standards

All knitwear designs and commissions are work on by experienced crafters and manufacturers and all are paid the set minimum wage. We do not employ interns. We adhere to Fairtrade and like to ensure everyone is treated with respect. 

KJM Knitting tries to reduce it's environmental impact where possible.